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Heiko Lohmann


My name is Heiko Lohmann, I'm an independent sound designer living in Cologne, Germany.

I started recording and archiving interesting sound material somewhere in the deep rainforest while travelling in Guatemala in 2009. Since then, I never stopped hunting interesting sounds. I've made sound recordings in several European countries, Central & South America and Southeast Asia.

In 2012, I founded the Hidden Track Studio in collaboration with Patrick Leuchter. In this creative space of my dreams, I compose, play, record & mix Production Music as well as Personal Music.

And, of course, I also produce Sound Effects there, ranging from Household to Science-Fiction.

I work in audio production for many years and I have designed the sound for numerous hours of TV series. I have used many sound libraries, and in the process of creating my own, I keep in mind the gaps that I always wanted to be filled.

What's next? I will try to surprise you. Ideas are inexhaustible.

Any questions? Happy to receive your email:
[email protected]

Heiko Lohmann
Heiko Lohmann

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