Frequently Asked Questions

I already bought a sound pack. But now I want a bigger pack. Can I get a discount?
Probably yes. Please send me a message with the email address / name that you used for your earlier purchase(s), and I'll send you a special offer.

What are the payment options?
You can pay with credit card or Paypal.

What about taxes?
The VAT of your country is already included in the price.

Why are there "combined" and "split" versions of some sound packs?
The combined version is made for sound designers/editors who might use programs like Soundminer, while the split version ist probably the better fit for video editors or people in the games industry.

Which file format do I get in the Single Sound FX Store?
All sounds are delivered as 16bit/44.1kHz WAV files.

Do you have an end user licence agreement for your sound packs/files, and where can I read it?
Yes. Here it is. It's short, it's easy!

After purchase, when do I have to download the files?
After your purchase, you will receive an email with your download links. Those links are valid until 30 days after the purchase and you've got several attempts to do so. If any problem occurs, don't worry, just contact me.

You recorded & edited thousands of sound effects. Are you crazy?
Probably yes.

My question was not answered here. What can I do?
Just drop me a line and I will answer your question as quickly as possible.