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Snare Rattle Generator

Let the snare wires rattle

Use the CHROME browser for this sound generator.

Click and HOLD the keys to play the notes/rattles. Select up to 3 snare wire tensions.

How this was made:

Low frequency sine waves were played through a speaker to stimulate the vibration of the wires of a snare drum. This simulates the behavior of the instrument in a band room environment while a bass guitar is playing.

The snare drum was then recorded close to its wires, which react differently depending on their tension and the played note. Afterwards, the sine tones have been filtered from the recordings but are still are more or less audible, depending on the played note and the vibration behavior of the snare drum.

Making Of

Download the FREE Snare Wires Rattle Pack, which includes all 36 source files that were used to build this sound generator:

3 x 12 sound files (loose - medium - tight), sorted by the notes that triggered the rattling (from B to A#).

24bit / 96 kHz