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10,000+ Sound Effects
44 Hours Runtime

This comprehensive general sound fx library is a diverse collection of sound effects from a large variety of categories such as:

Ambiences, Animals, Aviation, Bells & Dings, Boats & Ships, Bubbles, Cars & Trucks, Cartoon, Chains, Clocks, Construction, Computer, Creak & Squeak, Creatures, Doors, Dropping, Electronic Devices, Electricity, Elevators, Engines, Fire, Foosball, Footsteps, Handcuffs, Handwriting, Household, Ice, Impacts, Industrial, Interface, Keyboard & Mouse, Kitchen, Machines, Magic, Marbles, Money, Motorbikes, Motors, Nature, Noise, Office, Open & Close, Paper, Pedestrians, Playing Cards, Rainforest, Ringtones & Phones, Rummage, Sci-Fi, Scissors, Shepard Tones, Spray, Starships, Static, Suction, Switches, Textures, Tools, Traffic, Travel, Trains & Stations, Transitions, Typewriter, Unreal Ambiences, Vehicles, Ventilation, Villages, Walkie-Talkie, Walla, Water, Weather, Whooshes & much more!

All sound files have been edited carefully to be as useful as possible in post production and game audio workflows. Wherever applicable, sounds are seamless loopable. All sounds have clear, catchy file names and rich metadata keywords. The duration of this library is 44 hours while all files have been edited to a meaningful, non-exaggerating length.

This one-folder sound fx library is made for quick & easy use, not for endless searching. You will find common sounds as well as tons of rarities and practical material, so this sound library serves the novice as well as the established sound designer.

Examine this general sound effects library sound by sound on the Sound Search page.

Two versions are included in your download:

1. Combined Version
Combined Version
Variations of a sound are combined into one file – best for Soundminer, BaseHead, etc.

3,765 files / 74 GB / 44 hours
2. Split Version
Split Version
Variations of a sound appear as individual files – best for video editors, game audio, etc.

10,417 files / 74 GB / 44 hours
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24bit / 96 kHz

€ 495

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