+++ New: DIVERSITY - General Sound FX Library - 8,533 Sounds / 33 Hours Runtime +++


8,533 Sound Effects
33 Hours Runtime

This comprehensive sound collection contains all sound effects made by The Sound Pack Tree.

It includes thousands of diverse sounds from a large variety of categories and more than 1,200 loops.

All sound files have been edited carefully and contain metadata keywords.

All files from these sound packs are included:

Dropping ThingsFootstep LoopsFuturistic DoorsMarbles
Shepard AmbiencesSonic SeasideThe Household PackThe Nature PackThe Sci-Fi Pack
The Whooshes & Impacts PackThis Library SucksTrainsUnreal Ambiences

+ 3,000 miscellaneous Sound Effects!

Examine this general sound effects library sound by sound on the Sound Search page.

Two versions are included in the download:

1. Combined Version
Combined Version
versions of a sound are combined into one file

2,800 files / 56 GB / 33 hours
2. Split Version
Split Version
versions of a sound appear as individual files

8,533 files / 56 GB / 33 hours
Additionally, you get all future releases from The Sound Pack Tree
within 1 year from the date of your purchase for free.

After this period, low-cost updates will be available.

Download PDF File List

24bit / 96 kHz

€ 444

incl. VAT

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