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Sound Packs

Sound Effects in Packs.

10,000 Sound Effects - 42 Hours Runtime


More Sound Packs:

Unreal Machines I

Rattly and squeaky fictional metallic machines.

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Footstep Loops II

Various footstep sound loops in various paces.

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Sounds about reading & writing.

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Construction & Tools

The sound of construction.

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Marbles rolling, colliding & more.

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A sound pack full of money.

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Shepard Ambiences

Endless rising & falling ambience sounds, based on the Shepard Tone audio illusion.

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This Library Sucks!

Sounds from a silenced vacuum cleaner.

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Sonic Seaside

Selected seaside sounds from many places in the world.

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Futuristic Doors

Starship doors opening, closing, sliding & granting access.

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A train sound collection. Exterior, interior & more.

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The Nature Pack

Nature and animal sounds from rainforests & other places.

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Unreal Ambiences

A collection of abstract ambiences from another dimension.

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Dropping Things

Small items being dropped on 5 different surfaces.

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The Sci-Fi Pack

A sound collection from the future.

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The Household Pack

A sound journey from the entrance door to the attic hatch, with everything found in between.

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The Whooshes & Impacts Pack

Whooshes, impacts, whoosh-impacts, swooshes, swishes and other transition & hit sounds.

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